Business Finance

We assess your capital structure, further requirements of funds, and provide optimal solutions. It starts from assessing your working capital requirements, goes through careful deliberation about best possible options, and selection and implementation of the best possible solution put to the table.
We provide following services for SME & corporate financing:

Business Loans

Businesses can take the leap from good to great. Business finance is a form of unsecured instalment-based product ranging from maximum 36 to 72 months’ instalments, depending on which bank is providing you the facility. It has been designed to address the needs of small businesses for business expansion and working capital requirement.
We can arrange business loans in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other emirates of UAE.

SME & Commercial Loans

Almost all small and medium enterprises strive to grow faster and expand their business. In order to do that, additional financing is required.
INFINITE FINANCING can arrange SME & Commercial loans for you in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or anywhere else in UAE.

Loans against POS Transactions

It is one of the best options for such companies who are merchant establishments that use credit card Point of Sale (POS) machines for daily business transactions and looking for a boost in working capital, inventory purchases, business expansion, purchase and upgrade of equipment etc. These businesses can leverage Point of Sale (POS) receivables to avail loan.
We can arrange this loan to improve your working capital.